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About Us



I’m Trudy, Pastry Chef of Trudy Melissa Cakes and founder of Bakery Pro Kitchen.


Many years ago when I started Trudy Melissa Cakes I had difficulty finding a commercial kitchen to work at that was not only affordable but also a space that could nurture and allow me to flourish as a new cake artist and business owner. As a result it had been on my heart for many years to create such a space for other culinary creatives who may be just starting their business or looking to grow and expand their business. With this I am excited to introduce you to the Bakery Pro Kitchen.


I strive to make it not only affordable but also create a space that offers a sense of community and mentorship to help new businesses flourish and allow established businesses to grow and expand with the help from experts in the culinary field. Bakery Pro Kitchen is here to make sure you are not alone on your entrepreneurial journey.


I’m so excited to be able to share our kitchens with the community, so that you too, can make your culinary dreams come true!

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