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Bakery Pro Kitchen offers 24/7 access to fully licensed and insured commercial kitchens for culinary professionals.

Professional Equipment

Our commercial kitchens are fully outfitted with the following:

  • Two commercial convection ovens

  • Two 20-quart mixers

  • Five 5-quart mixers

  • Speed Racks

  • Sheet Pans

  • Two 3-compartment sinks for wash, rinse and sanitize

  • Work or prep tables

  • Cooling Racks

  • A wide selection of small kitchen wares, including baking pans, utensils, and specialty decorating equipment such as molds and stencils.

  • Storage for Equipment and small wares

  • Cold storage 

  • Dry storage 

  • Electric Range

  • Table top Induction Ranges

  • Various baking and cooking utensiles 


Health Inspected, Licensed & Secure Facilities


Single level facility with kitchen, refrigerator, freezer, dry storage, rest room and cleaning closet.

Bakers will have 24/7 access to the premises and equipment, using a personally assigned door code.

Bakers must bring their own hair nets and gloves, and are responsible for cleaning their pans, tools and work area when finished.

Our Locations

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